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Don't Get Ripped Off With Domain Name Registration Service

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Here are few notes to read before you decide to register or move your domains to and why CrazyDomains are crazy. Here is how the story goes.

Back in 13 May 2011 I bought myself a domain with for a price of $38 for 2 years. Back then I assumed that this fairly new company will provide me with cheap domain name registration options and since I already had some other domains registered with them I also acquired my domain with them.

Two years later I have renewed my domain for $19 for another 1 year, which was exactly the same price as before: Today was a time for another renewal and the price tag put on my renewal request just blow me away. They simply have no decency and respect to their customers as they asked me $49 for 1 year renewal. This is why I believe the word “Crazy” in their company name fits best and why they are called Once really needs to be crazy to buy domain with such a price tag. Their strategy is to put domains on sale however if you would like to renew the sales price tag does not apply to you: So the strategy of their business is not new and fairly obvious. They talk about nice prices when they try to catch new customers, but once you are locked in they charge you whatever they want since they can always put domains on sale for new customers. Instead of renewal of my domain name with I have transfered it to my other registrant which is part of Liquidnet Ltd.

Please note I’m not advocating that is better domain name registrar and you should do the same! However, to me it seemed as the only option to transfer away from All what needs to be said is that before you decide to renew or purchase a domain with do your research first as there are probably thousands of other Domain Name registrars with better price as for example in this instance So for the same domain I got largely different prices. So for 9 year renewal with crazy domains I would have end up paying $441: Whereas with NTC Hosting for example I would pay $67.50 for 9 years renewal:

One year renewal price comparison:

1 year renewal - $49
NTC Hosting:
1 year renewal/transfer - $7.50

Now this is what I call CrazyDomains price difference for the identical item.